New Klondike Exploration Ltd.

Nickel Offsets

The Company holds a 100% interest in 12 patented and 5 unpatented mining claims located in Foy Township, Sudbury Mining Division, Ontario.  


Project Geology

The Nickel Offsets property, which hosts the past-producing Nickel Offsets Mine (1943-1957), covers a 2.5 km strike length of the Foy Offset Dyke and to a projected depth of approximately 2,000 m.  The Foy Offset Dyke is the largest of all known radial offset dykes emanating from the Sublayer of the Sudbury Igneous Complex (“SIC”) and has been traced for approximately 28 km from the North Range of the SIC into the surrounding Archean granitic footwall.  Striking west-northwest, the Foy Offset Dyke is reasonably well exposed through Bowell and Foy townships as far as the Nickel Offsets Mine.


Northwest of the mine, the extension of the dyke is a matter of interpretation but it is generally accepted that the dyke extends a short distance into Tyrone Township after being laterally displaced northwards by the Sandcherry Creek Fault.  Dip is steep, averaging 75-80° to the north.  The down-dip extent and continuity of the dyke appears to be good with diamond drilling intersecting the dyke at depths of at least 750 metres in the area of the Nickel Offsets Mine.


A detailed location map of the property can be viewed in the Maps & Geology section for this property.


A project summary is available here.